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Friday, April 26, 2013

You just need 1 person to say 'yes' to you, and you're in business.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur and achieve financial
independence, above all, you need the millionaire mindset. 

This means having the ability to accept rejection and failure UNTIL
you succeed.

You just need 1 person to say 'yes' to you, and you're in business.

"When I got started, I need to raise funds for my startup.

I sent out 20 letters requesting some funding....

Guess what. I got 19 rejections. Nineteen people said 'NO' to me.
All you need is just ONE person to say 'yes' to you."

This is a quote by Sir Christopher Evans, a British entrepreneur who 
set up 20 companies and floated four of them on the stock market.

The moral of this story is that successful people are willing to fail.
But most people won't do it, because of the fear: 'What if it doesn't work?!'   

People have a fear of failure and what failure means to them. In fact, 
during dinner with Dave VanHoose last night he told me that most 
people have a real phobia... of success!

Let me dispel some myths you may have about 'SUCCESS':

Myth #1: "You have to be born wealthy..."

Only 2% of millionaires come from wealthy backgrounds... 

Myth #2: "I'm not educated enough"

40% of millionaires had an average education. 45% left school at 18.
Myth #3: "You have to be a crook to get rich."

93% of millionaires regard themselves as honest and trustworthy, 
and most of them place it as their #1 attribute to success.
Myth #4: "I'm tool old to start." 

Donald Trump bought his first property at age 38

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