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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Have To Quit Your Job This Year

10 Reasons Why You Have To Quit Your Job This Year
By James Altucher

1) "The middle class is dead. A few weeks ago I visited a friend of 
mine who manages a trillion dollars for one family. No joke. A trillion. 

“Look out the window. All the cubicles are empty. The middle class 
is being hollowed out. [...] It’s all outsourced or technology has taken 
over for the paper shufflers,” he said."

2) "You’ve been replaced. Technology, outsourcing, a growing temp 
staffing industry, productivity efficiencies, have all replaced the middle 
class. Most jobs that existed 20 years ago aren’t needed now."

3) "Corporations don’t like you." [...]

4) "Money is not happiness. Studies show that an increase in salary 
only offers marginal to zero increase in “happiness” above a certain 
level, because the basic fact: people spend what they make." 

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5) "Your employer can ruin your life. Count right now how many 
people can make a major decision that can ruin your life. I don’t 
like it when one person can make or break me. A boss. A publisher. 
A TV producer. A buyer of my company. At any one point I’ve had 
to kiss ass to all of the above. I hate it. I will never do it again."

6) "Is your job satisfying your needs? Are your physical needs, 
your emotional needs, your mental needs, and your spiritual needs 
being satisfied?"

7) "Your Retirement Plan is For Shit. I don’t care how much you 
set aside for your 401k. It’s over. The whole myth of savings is gone. 
Inflation will carve out the bulk of your 401k. And in order to cash in 
on that retirement plan you have to live for a really long time doing 
stuff you don’t like to do. And then suddenly you’re 80 and you’re 
living a reduced lifestyle in a cave and can barely keep warm at night."

8) "If you want freedom you must let go of your excuses. “I’m 
too old”. “I’m not creative.” “I need the insurance.” “I have to raise my 
kids” [...] If someone insists they need to be in prison even though 
the door is unlocked then I am not going to argue. They are free to 
stay in prison."

9) "It's ok to take baby steps. “I can’t just QUIT!” people say. 
“I have bills to pay”. I get it. Nobody is saying quit today. Before a 
human being runs a marathon they learn to crawl, then take baby 
steps, then walk, then run. 

Make the list right now. Every dream. I want to be a bestselling 
author. I want to reduce my material needs. I want to have freedom 
from many of the worries that I have succumbed to all my life. 
I want to be healthy. I want to help all of the people around me 
or the people who come into my life. I want everything I do to be 
a source of help to people. I want to only be around people I love, 
people who love me. I want to have time for myself."

10) "Abundance will never come from your job. Only stepping 
out of the prison imposed on you from your factory will allow you to 
achieve abundance. 

You can’t see it now. It’s hard to see the gardens when you are locked 
in jail. Abundance only comes when you are moving along your themes. 
When you are truly enhancing the lives of the people around you."

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